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Will Sheils

An Annapolis native, Will grew up sailing in Annapolis and continued enjoying the sport while on the off-shore sailing team at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. He started Blue Star based on a market need for dependable and small scale painting service provider. He enjoys the small victory and learned defeats that come with owning a small business. He graduated with an MBA in management from University of Maryland University College in 2011, while working in order to better understand how to grow Blue Star, to better serve clients and to continue the need for never ending personal growth. He lives in Annapolis, MD, with his wife, son, daughter and his "chocolate lab" rescue. Enjoys traveling and watching sailboat races from a powerboat.

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Darden Pickall

An Easton native, Darden’s family has strong roots in Annapolis. Darden attended St. Mary’s College where he played rugby, sailed on the offshore team and all around enjoyed life in southern Maryland. After graduation he built and ran a Marina and marine service center in Ridge, MD. Heading North, He joined Blue star in 2012 spearheading the Service sector. In the winter he can be found duck hunting and in the summer he spends weekends racing Log Canoes. He lives in Queenstown with his black lab and  two three legged pibby.  He is active in fostering rescue dogs.